Anando Kefentse



My work is often a bit all over the place, I understand concepts or things in the world via expanding my visual library. My imagination is key in the way I abstract and create. I have always been the type of person to be buried in my sketchbooks creating daily, my final more finished pieces reflect my attention to learning fundamentals such as anatomy, but I’m also inspired in a sort of scattered way. I, like everyone else is constantly on there phone, reading or engaging in some form of media, I use the strange and the mundane alike to inspire my work.

Anando Kefentse | Illustration 5
Anando Kefentse | Illustration 4
Spaced out Front cover - zine comic By Anando Kefentse ( Digital painting )
Anando Kefentse | Illustration 3
Sun god - A piece done inspired by Eiichiro Oda's Manga One Piece ( Digital painting )
Anando Kefentse | Illustration 2
biblical storm and lightning - inspired by the opening of Paradise Lost by John Milton ( Digital painting )
Anando Kefentse | Illustration 1
Predator strikes at night - this painting was inspired by all the nature documentaries I grew up with , specifically night hunting scene's ( Gouache and ballpoint pen )
Anando Kefentse | Illustration
Speculative zoology final painting - golden creature, this piece is based on a genre of illustration called speculative zoology ( ballpoint pen scanned in and digitally painted )
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