Becky Sweet

Pre-degree & Foundation Studies


Email: [email protected]

TikTok: @beckysweetart

Instagram: @beckysweetart

Hello! My name is Becky Sweet and I am an 18-year-old artist that specialises in portraiture.

I love to produce commissions and work with individuals to create paintings that capture important people in their lives.

‘Atelophobia’, my Foundation Fine Art Final Major Project, is an interactive and performative protest piece against societal normalisation and encouragement of perfectionism.

The viewers are encouraged to abolish the creation with destructive processes by using the array of ‘tools’ displayed during exhibition, symbolising seizure of control from the artist who is unable to intervene and can only stare into the eyes of their offender.

I was inspired to create this painting as a result of my own struggles with perfectionism and how it has affected my confidence and progression in not only creating artwork, but in everyday life.

Through this project, I aspired to remedy my compulsive perfectionistic thought patterns through giving control to the viewer of my work.

My intentions were to also create shock, drama and devastation to the audience with this performance piece by having the viewers see my ‘hard work’ seemingly meaninglessly destroyed and be given the chance to do so in a space that would not permit such actions otherwise. I also wanted this interactive element of altering the piece to be fun for the viewer.

This piece is 125x125cm and was created using oil paint. I modelled for a photographer (IG: @madsbullen) to produce the reference image. The painting has been attached to a painted easel with galvanised wire and staples to unify the composition of the work and allow the viewers to see the back of the vulnerable piece.

If you are interested in a commission or have an enquiry, please contact me at: [email protected].

Becky Sweet | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 4
Atelophobia, 2023
Becky Sweet | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 3
Video of ‘Atelophobia’ in its exhibition space.
Becky Sweet | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 2
Image of ‘Atelophobia’.
Becky Sweet | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 1
Image of table, objects, and instructions.
Becky Sweet | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies
Image of ‘Atelophobia’ at exhibition.
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