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My name is Benjamin Rago, an aspiring Christian trying to reconnect the secular world with the Word of God. My journey as a Christian began in 2021 and through that journey, I came to the realisation that spiritual battles are real! Without enough support online, a lack of guidance and someone to relate to was missing for me. How can I create something that brings every aspect of Christianity and aligns it with Gen Z’s needs adapting to the trends of young Christians around the world? With this thought in mind, FaithGram was born! A social media app that provides a space for young Christians to share experiences together, network with one another, learn and meditate on the Word in a safe environment. With format styles from social media apps that are loved by Gen Z such as TikTok and Instagram, combined with Christian content, creates the perfect blend that reconnects the secular world and the Word of God.

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The FaithGram App
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