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I enjoy and am greatly interested in the pre-production process within the film and television industry and have aspirations to work in the Art Department so I focused my Final Major Project around these ideals.

For my Final Major Project, I designed the ballet production of the ‘Nutcracker’ to be a film set in 1950s New York. Therefore, I spent the first half of this project researching, designing (both by hand and digitally in 3D using a combination of Blender, Google SketchUp and Fusion 360) and then producing Concept Art (using Procreate).  The designs were inspired by popular styles at the time such as Mid Century Modern and Hollywood Regency Style, as well as popular branding/ advertisements at the time- I looked into commercialism and the ‘American Dream’ due to this. I explored the attitude and ideals of the people who lived in 1950s New York, as I wanted my designs to accurately represent the time I set the ballet in from a social perspective.

For the second half of this project I created technical drawings and made a White Card Model (of the Stalhbaum’s Living Room) and a scale colour model (of the ‘Sugar Garden’) both in 1:25 scale, based on my previous designs and Concept Art.

Bethan Pope | Film 6
Sugar Garden- Columns and Details
Bethan Pope | Film 5
Sugar Garden Colour Model (Scale 1:25)
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Bethan Pope | Film 4
Sugar Garden Colour Model Lighting Details
Bethan Pope | Film 3
Stahlbaum Living Room White Card Model (Scale 1:25)
Bethan Pope | Film 2
Stahlbaum Living Room White Card Model Details
Bethan Pope | Film 1
Stahlbaum Living Room Concept Arts
Bethan Pope | Film
Sugar Garden Concept Art
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