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“Embodied Linguistics” is an installation that invites the viewer to question the enigmatic materiality of language. This installation explores both the profound power and intricate flaws of language, drawing attention to its elusive nature and the captivating role it plays in shaping our perception and understanding. The room unfolds with five manifestations of language, spilling out into the corridor, creating an experience that challenges traditional notions of communication.

A focal point within the installation is a television screen displaying a still image from the film “They Live” (1988) by John Carpenter. This visual reference acts as a portal into the hidden layers of meaning and persuasion embedded within language. Adorning one of the walls, an emergency blanket catches the light, the thought-provoking phrase “Silence Reflects Noise” printed in Bold Italics, invites contemplation on the silent yet boisterous materiality of language. The installation extends beyond its physical boundaries, as vinyl flooring outside the room reveals fragments of a 1966 advertising campaign, “Happiness is a Cigar Called Hamlet.” Juxtaposing the traditional billboard, with the space below our feet, this evocative message entices us to question the persuasive nature of language and its ability to shape desires.

“Embodied Linguistics” surpasses the ordinary, transporting viewers into a world where language transcends its ordinary boundaries. By delving into its illusive materiality and power, the installation invites contemplation, curiosity, and appreciation for the complexities of communication.

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Embodied Linguistics
Cara Alvis of Lee | Fine Art
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Over My Dead Body
Cara Alvis of Lee | Fine Art 3
Silence Reflects Noise
Cara Alvis of Lee | Fine Art 2
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