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Daniell’s Calcutta

The idea behind the project was an entirely personal experience and upbringing of my life that had shaped me and influenced me to make creative works and dig deep into my own culture. As I began to develop my project, nostalgia for the cities where I ran around as a child, the buildings, greeneries, made me realise that those are the memories which is very precious and painted deep in my heart. My entire upbringing starting from schooling and my home, was all related to the theme of the project, which made e easier to come up with a story and understand the aspects of Colonisation more further.

The story unfolds in a mansion, whose architectural style has been influenced by European designs. The owner has an antique painting, of one of the main documenters of the British raj, Thomas Daniell(who had painted 12 masterpieces of Old Kolkata). The three detectives were invited by the owner to see the masterpiece, where the painting gets stolen, and the detectives, being present at the moment, began investigating the robbery and finally succeeded in bringing the painting back to the owner. 

Later the characters decide that the painting is a heritage property and priceless, as to date the paintings of Thomas Daniell represent old Kolkata, this should be given to the museums so that other people of the city and tourists can relate the influences of Colonisation from the painting.

We have always heard various stories of the negative aspects of Colonisation in India, but as every coin has both sides, I strongly feel that Colonisation has a lot of influence on my culture, tradition, and my city as a whole. The designs which were inspired by the 

European architecture has imbibed so deep into the hearts of the natives, that those styles have become the identity of Kolkata. The transport, various food clubs, and traditions that were started by the British people have been a necessity to understand the real essence of Kolkata. Hence being upreared in the city, I felt, this should be told to my audience so that people can relate to the influences of the British Raj, and as a whole understand the significance of Colonisation in a cultural context. I also wanted my audience to narrate the deep-rooted history of Kolkata, which most people are unaware of. I feel that understanding the city and its culture knowing its history and its back story is really important.

Chandrama Paul | Communication & Media 1
A graphic Novel, Daniell's Calcutta
Chandrama Paul | Communication & Media 6
A banner, with details of Thomas Daniell paintings of Old Kolkata
Chandrama Paul | Communication & Media 5
Front cover mock up of the novel
Chandrama Paul | Communication & Media 4
Back cover mock up of the novel
Chandrama Paul | Communication & Media 3
pages mock up
Chandrama Paul | Communication & Media 2
pages mock up
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