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Amplified floral subjects encapsulated within the oval bring complexity to ubiquitous matter. Recognised for its decorative associations, this unique form is revitalised from its 18th Century roots; that being the primal stage of the oval’s autonomy.

Form, colour, and size; flowers serve as an ultimate source of familiarity. Their biodiversity on a global scale enhances their prominence. As a seemingly omnipresent entity, flora has the capacity to ground the individual. I seek to mirror this experience within the work.

From a dark green ground, a pictorial space abundant with flora is fabricated. Tone becomes established as brushstrokes are imposed upon the surface. As flora begins to emerge, chiaroscuro is facilitated, synchronically creating a striking visual experience. Amongst the chaos are minute regions of negative space, permitting ocular rest for the contemplative observer. Subsequently, the surface seeks to be paradoxically subtle yet conspicuous.

Encrypted within this intricate configuration, silhouettes are strategically placed; a way of generating a dynamic between familiarity and unpredictability. Their direct correlation with detailed matter alludes to a notion that they themselves are floral, however, they also have the potential to be perceived as entirely different entities.

The recognition of the painting as a unified structure is frequently disregarded. Surface, edge, and frame; the ‘painting’ is a three-dimensional entity.

Safety Net (2023) encompasses two paintings of the hydrangea bush within my parents’ garden; by observing its bloom and subsequent decay each year, it has served as a constant form of imagery.

There are four readymade ceramic bowls present within the install, each one having been used as a paint palette for both pieces. These bowls were gifted to my parents on their wedding day, thus holding an immediate connection to my family and home. Through every hospital appointment, success, and failure, my parents have provided their unconditional love and support by simply being present, for which I feel extremely blessed. This install seeks to capture these emotions; the title Safety Net (2023) emerging as a perception of this environment and its ability to catch me through difficult times.

Charlotte Lloyd | Fine Art 13
Safety Net (2023)
Charlotte Lloyd | Fine Art 12
Digital Portfolio
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Charlotte Lloyd | Fine Art 11
Readymade ceramic bowl positioned on a handcrafted table
Charlotte Lloyd | Fine Art 10
Home (2023), oil on canvas
Charlotte Lloyd | Fine Art 9
Close up of one of the readymade ceramic bowls
Charlotte Lloyd | Fine Art 8
Back view of the curtain component of the install
Charlotte Lloyd | Fine Art 7
Macro (2023)
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