Dominika Cebula



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A piece made as part of the External Briefs unit. The musician Daisy Beau had given us a live brief to work on with the potential to work with her if successful. The work I chose to do was to create a visualiser for her song “Love Better Next Time”, which explores the hardships and complex emotions when coming out of an abusive relationship.

Having a past with such circumstances in the past and being moved to tears with Daisy Beau’s live demonstration of her song, I channeled some of those feelings while interpreting her own motivations that were briefed on the day. The biggest element of it all being that despite it all, with the night this song was inspired by, with dawn came hope. Something as delicate and beautiful as the golden sunlight hitting brush leaves after a cold dark night.

Recently I have been contacted in regards to my work and Daisy’s interest in working with me further on realising this idea which I’m really excited about!

Dominika Cebula | Illustration
Concept for Daisy Beau
Dominika Cebula | Illustration 1
Visualiser Concept - by Dominika Cebula
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