Elaine Sage

Pre-degree & Foundation Studies


Beneath the Waves 2023

“Beneath the Waves” is a vibrant response to the plastic pollution that is destroying our beautiful oceans and sea life.

This piece is made from an entanglement of re-used fabric, which is wrapped around unwanted newspapers with scraps of donated wool, sewn into large shell shape forms. The subtly sewn in plastic bottle waste found between the entwined fibres is intended to resemble the porous coral found on healthy radiant reefs, but at the same time show that plastic waste is a hazard to the coral’s existence.

Bleached 2023

“bleached” represents a corals fate if “we the human race” continue to pollute our seas and oceans with waste and plastic.

The main frame of this sculpture is made from a selection of recycled materials such as: old newspapers, scrap paper and tissue as well as unwanted metal coat hangers. The holey sheeted material sewn between the frames negative space comes from plastic sheets found from industrial milk packaging which generally gets thrown away.

Elaine Sage | Fine Art
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