Elena Male

BA (Hons) Animation


Instagram: @elena_male_art

website: elenaalisonmale.wixsite.com/my-site

email: [email protected]

I’m Elena, I am an animator studying at university for the creative arts Farnham. The reason I love animation is I like to make fiction films that are character driven and I believe animation is the ultimate medium in which to tell these stories, which is why I’m personally so fond of it. My films are very often inspired by my experience of my time spent in France with my family and have shaped my style and interests to this day, My French family routes are one of my biggest influences in my films. I am a 2d animator and I like to draw by hand, I use Tv Paint, watercolour and ink in my work as I love the mesh of these mediums colliding to tell a story.

In this film we follow the story of a Portuguese immigrant mother in 1970’s Paris making the long journey home from work. whilst this is happening her children decide to Suprise her by making pastel de nata, however they end up making a mess along the way. this film is inspired by my own grandmother and her children. I wanted to make a film that showcased her hard work and the reality of single immigrant mothers whilst also showing how cooking for a loved one can be a beautiful thing, evidenced by the kids trying to say thank you to their mother by baking her these treats.  

Elena Male | Animation 6
A Child focuses intently on a puzzle
Elena Male | Animation 5
Pastel De Nata - Elena Male
Elena Male | Animation 4
What the characters looked like early in development
Elena Male | Animation 3
An early piece of concept art of someone baking
Elena Male | Animation 2
The Mother mopping the floor looking tired
Elena Male | Animation 1
The older Brother annoying the younger one
Elena Male | Animation
The older Sister doing the younger Sisters hair
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