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As part of my final collection, I developed a deep interest in examining the experiences of individuals experiencing homelessness. Consequently, I have named my final collection “Outcasts,” as homeless individuals are often marginalized by society. Through extensive research into the lives of homeless people, I uncovered the concept of hostile architecture, which encompasses architectural features intentionally designed to deter individuals from occupying public spaces. These features range from floor spikes to armrests on benches, as well as uniquely designed benches and chairs that render them unsuitable for homeless individuals.

To initiate my final collection, I embarked on an exploration of how homeless people utilize their bodies as a makeshift wardrobe. This investigation led me to delve into their practice of carrying duvets and sleeping bags wherever they go. Inspired by this observation, I began my collection by draping quilted fabrics and wadding on the mannequins, incorporating the essence of a duvet. This allowed me to experiment with various draping techniques, resulting in a diverse range of designs.

While studying the hostile spikes, I came across a technique known as 3-point pleating, which enabled me to manipulate fabric and achieve a grungy, monochromatic aesthetic reminiscent of the streets of London. I continued to employ quilted fabric throughout my work to emulate the sleeping bags and duvets utilized by homeless individuals on a daily basis to endure harsh conditions. Additionally, I made the deliberate decision to dye certain fabrics, particularly one of my turtlenecks and the hooded duvet scarf, in order to create a disheveled, grungy appearance that reflects the colors present in urban landscapes.

Through my artistic endeavour, my aim was to inspire and uplift. I strived to evoke emotions, encourage introspection, and foster empathy. My hope was to shed light on the profound challenges faced by those without a place to call home. By raising awareness of this pressing issue, I envisioned a united effort to create a society rooted in compassion and inclusivity—a society that extends a helping hand to those most in need.

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