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My Final Major Project this year is Body Insecurities. However, I mainly focused on how the brain changes and views your body in the mirror. I found this topic interesting as I use to hate my body when I was a teenager and thought I was a lot bigger than what I was, inevitably I started hiding my body through baggy clothing because I was so disgusted with myself. But comparing myself back then too now, my brain has developed since then making me far more confident and happier with the way my body looks now.

My aim for this FMP is to bring awareness to insecurities and how we should shift the concept of having a certain achievable beauty standard to be considered beautiful. A good example of this, is the modelling industry as the negative standards of how your body should look effects all ages, but mainly teenagers, as they exploit this unachievable beauty standards through magazines, tv, fashions shows and more. This mindset can be very damaging to people, causing a range of insecurities, eating disorders, mental and physical health problems.

My final piece was heavily influenced by the artist research and primary research from the first few weeks of this project. The artist’s work ranged from collaging, photography, films, typography, 3D installations, body activists, projections, neon signs and more. Eve De Haan was my favourite artist because of her neon typography installations which examine concepts of change, and the imprint technology is having on youth culture. I visited one of her installations shows back in March, and this drove me to create my own neon signs for the FMP. This installation is my own interpretation of how your brain views your body during your teen years compared to now, I’ve done this through funhouse mirrors. My zine is inspired by the 1966’s film Daisies, as the film incorporates a tone of colour, filters, and flowers, I’ve also included a love letter to my younger self. These works were inspired by Barbara Kruger and Eve De Haan with their bold typography and statements. My aim was to learn about different skills, techniques and mediums when creating different pieces of art. Researching these mediums, I have learnt so much about how to incorporate wiring and other different medias into my work, and I will use this knowledge in my next stage of education.

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funhouse mirrors to distort the viewers body image.
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Errin Purse | Communication & Media
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