Fraser Lyden



Instagram: @__lydo__

Email: [email protected]

Past, Present, Future

I strive for a greater understanding of process and material, with the ambition that this will reward me with a beautiful outcome. I have spent most of my academic journey exploring this understanding of process, composition, colour and texture. In my final project, however, I decided to orient the project around a narrative concept, this concept being the exploration of my personal heritage and the influences that have informed my technical focus and aesthetic tastes all these years. My practice has still very much oriented around technique and a unique relationship with the tools and processes I use to make my outcomes, however, the application of these processes is far more justified and grounded in a purposeful direction. I am a mixed-media creator and this project is a combination of screen print, tape and paper stencils, airbrushing and dying for a fine art/interior design outcome.

My aesthetic intentions with this project were to capture the vintage aesthetics of my upbringing and influences but through the lens of contemporary and futurist processes and executions. This resulted in a focus on surreal re-appropriations of vintage motifs over decayed and textured gradient backgrounds and a rich but reserved colour palette.

Fraser Lyden | Textiles 5
Final Piece #3 - close up
Fraser Lyden | Textiles 4
Final Piece #1,2,3 - Compressed
Fraser Lyden | Textiles 3
Final Piece #1,3 - On Show - 110cm x 270cm (each)
Fraser Lyden | Textiles 2
Final Piece #1 - In process
Fraser Lyden | Textiles 1
Final Piece #3 - In detail
Fraser Lyden | Textiles
Final piece #3 - Gradient Detail
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