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This is a set of musical compositions by Haiyun Gan (Helen Gan).


Nornagest 00:10-06:32

This is a piece of composition using Dorian mode and Celtic instruments to tell the story of Nornagest from Norse Mythology.

Art/Animation/Music/Video: Helen Gan

Text: Amanda Gan

Mixing: Yu Cao


Dakini 06:36-12:54

This is a piece of musical composition that mainly used Chinese instruments and Tibetan instrument writes about the sky burial in Tibet. Since there are no official records of many Chinese folk stories, I pieced together the process of sky burials baby investigating a large number of folk records, Tibet travel vlogs and Tibetan Buddhist books: The day before a sky burial, the body of the deceased will be placed at home for family and friends to worship. The body will be carried to the sky burial platform by the funeral procession the next day. The lama will hold a yellow cloth which is used to lead the spirit and the funeral procession will recite the Six-Syllable Mantra along the way. After arriving at the sky burial platform, the lama will recite the Tibetan Book of the Dead and spin the prayer shell for the deceased. After all this is done, the celestial burial master will blow the bone flute to call the vultures and cut up the body for them with knives and hammers. The title Dakini is the name of a goddess in Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetans also refer to vultures as Dakini.

Art/Animation/Video/Music/Recording: Helen Gan

Vocal: Lucas Gan

Mixing: Yu Cao


Zhongyuan 12:58-17:09

This is a piece of composition about Zhongyuan, which is the Ghost Festival in China. On that day, people will burn paper money and light river lanterns to pay homage to their deceased relatives or ancestors. The adults will always tell the children to get home early today because the gate of hell will open at midnight. All the ghosts will come out from hell and they will take the living people they meet. The instrument playing the melody in this piece is the Suona. It is a reed instrument often used in big events, such as funerals and marriages, in China. It can express extreme emotions such as great joy or great sorrow.

Music/Art/Video: Helen Gan

Mixing: Yu Cao


Gu 17:13-21:22

This is a piece of composition using electronic instruments and remixes to tell a story about the poisonous magic in China.

Music/Art/Animation/Video: Helen Gan

Drum/Bass/Mixing: Yu Cao

Haiyun Gan | Music 12
Covers for Gu, Dakini, Nornagest, and Zhongyuan
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