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The aim of the project was to produce three posters (CAPERCAILLIE, GUILLEMOTS, PUFFIN) and a portable information booklet addressing climate issues by focusing on regional pollution and bird habitat.


The painting style of the theme and the background is visually impactful and impactful, allowing the audience to intuitively understand the harm caused by climate change from the reduction of the number of birds.

In addition to the posters, I also produced a portable booklet incorporating sewage pollution maps to educate people about the negative impacts of area pollution on bird habitat.


I used the standing image of CAPERCAILLIE, GUILLEMOTS, PUFFIN plus the skeleton image as the main body of the poster.


Because industrial pollution can easily lead to climate change, I asked CAPERCAILLIE, GUILLEMOTS, PUFFIN to observe the industrial facilities that endanger their survival. Wearing gas masks, they struggled to survive in an environment where the sky was no longer clean and blue.


The map of the UK in the portable information booklet gives viewers interested in the topic of climate change a better understanding of why climate change is affecting the ranges of these three bird species.

Hanjing Liu | Graphic Design 6
Hanjing Liu | Graphic Design 7
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Hanjing Liu | Graphic Design 3
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Hanjing Liu | Graphic Design
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