Helen Restorick

MA Glass


I am a glass artist working with and exploring the properties of kiln formed glass.

My current work explores flow patterns in cast glass.

I have undertaken an investigation in glass viscosity, establishing a methodical, scientific approach to controlling glass flow in the kiln. The novel and intriguing patterns produced should be viewed on a level beyond materiality. Inspired by blood flow, the drifting patterns evoke and resonate rhythms of the natural world and human emotions.

I hope the viewer will take time, contemplate and engage with the beauty of the captured flow within each piece.

Helen Restorick | Crafts
Flow Patterns in Cast Glass
Helen Restorick | Crafts 4
Square Interaction
Helen Restorick | Crafts 3
Contained Exhalation
Helen Restorick | Crafts 2
Heathland Flow II
Helen Restorick | Crafts 1
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