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This is a fragrance brand developed through the medium of orchids.
In China, the orchid is a symbol of true friendship, talent and character, as well as beauty, wealth and elegance.

Known in China as one of the “Four Gentlemen of Flowers”, the orchid is known for its elegant flowering and refreshing fragrance, and is loved by many in other countries for its warmth, friendship and confidence. It also has many beautiful symbols and meanings.
In my eyes, the orchid is a diverse, soft and resolute being. It represents a new generation of young people, with its different colours and sparkle, its vitality, its self-confidence and talent, its softness of heart and its not-so-fragile appearance. The orchid is like a match that lights up the resilient side of my heart, it always makes me feel at ease and calm when I am anxious. I also want it to live on as a feminine force for girls to be bold and confident in their diversity. And as one of the main design elements of my personal fragrance brand.With its pure and evocative ketone body, the orchid is like a vehicle for conveying lively and calm, soft and resolute, unique and colourful presence, meant to encourage people to discover their own unique colour and beauty, a fragrance brand that emphasises a sense of self-identity.

Jingwen Xue | Graphic Design 6
Three "Orchid" perfumes and tasting business cards
Jingwen Xue | Graphic Design 5
The homepage of the "Orchid" perfume brand
Jingwen Xue | Graphic Design 4
Bouquet fragrance packaging
Jingwen Xue | Graphic Design 3
Wooden oriental fragrance packaging
Jingwen Xue | Graphic Design 2
Green Leaves floral fragrance packaging
Jingwen Xue | Graphic Design 1
Poster Show-1
Jingwen Xue | Graphic Design
Poster Show-2
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