Joe Barton



Hi, my name is Joe Barton. I am an aspiring 3D artist. I wanted to create a scene that would tell a story through the environment with the use of visual story telling.

This scene story is of an unqualified or substandard medic setting up their own surgery for people who cannot afford medical expenses and are having to find alternative solutions. I wanted to produce a dark and gritty atmosphere.

I used my knowledge of Maya, Substance Painter, Substance Designer and Unreal Engine to create my scene, finding inspiration from the hospital that my dad works in within the busy accident and emergency department, I observed the equipment that they used and researched alternative ‘tools’ that could be used in a ‘backstreet surgery’.

I also found inspiration from two games; one being Call of Duty Advanced warfare where the city of Detroit was walled off to keep the citizens inside the crumbling city; creating a highly militarised encampment. The other is from Cyberpunk taking the social divide where the rich could afford outstanding healthcare whilst the poor are left with nothing.

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