Josephine Penny Tuohy

Pre-degree & Foundation Studies


My final major project is about impermanence using platinum/palladium printing. Impermanence – “All physical and mental events are not metaphysically real. They are not constant or permanent; they come into being and dissolve”. This has become a recurring reflection. I want to show the softer, beautiful, human side of living with incurable cancer, demonstrating life’s journey with all aspects of impermanence being the steps on the path you take. The photos in my project have been chosen as reminders for you to explore and reflect on your feelings towards impermanence. In seven seconds, a star exploded into a supernova. All the greater elements appeared and were cast out into the universe. A moment of nuclear fusion, all the novel metals emerged. Metals such as Iron, silver, palladium, gold. Uranium is the heaviest, but platinum is superior. The combination of Iron and Platinum make this printing process possible. This challenges the idea of impermanence as the elements in the prints are permanent.

Take four mindful steps with me,

Tree at Henfoote meadows 2021. “reflection’

Floating village, Cambodia 2010 “resilience” garden .2023 “flourish and develop”

Tree and Sky Canterbury 2023 “connection and energy’

Josephine penny Tuohy | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies
Platinum, Playdium prints “ impermanence”
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