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The inspiration for this project, ‘TOUCH’ and the creation of its images came from a deep desire to depict the journey of a couple during the pandemic. As an artist, I believe that stories derived from personal experiences or narratives have a natural and authentic resonance with the audience. While this particular story is not based on my personal experiences, it draws from similar encounters, making it relatable. I wanted to challenge the conventional portrayal of intimacy in visual media, which often relies on bold movements and statements. Instead, I chose to explore minimalism and focus on the simple act of holding hands. This small gesture carries significant meaning, especially during a time when physical contact was feared and restricted. The couple in the images defied societal anxieties and embraced physical touch as a way to express their love. The underlying concept I conveyed to my models was a portrayal of a couple in a period of turmoil amidst the pandemic. Everything around them was falling apart, creating a sense of stagnation and survival. However, amidst this chaos, their unwavering love and affection for each other became their anchor. Hand-holding symbolized the strength of their connection and the importance of their bond during the toughest times. It was a visual representation of their resilience and the power of love amidst destruction.

Karthikeya Konda | Photography 5
Karthikeya Konda | Photography 4
Karthikeya Konda | Photography 3
Karthikeya Konda | Photography 2
Karthikeya Konda | Photography 1
Karthikeya Konda | Photography
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