Katie Clarke

MA Illustration


Having been brought up in Farnham, Surrey, and then living and working in London, I returned to Farnham to study Fine Art and then a Masters in Illustration at the UCA.  In between my two courses of study, I have enjoyed a career in both publishing and education, while also raising a family.  Having children of my own and working with young children has been invaluable in understanding how they think and feel.  I believe that successful picture books are a powerful way to communicate different ideas and themes to children.  My aim is to produce books for children that are relevant, relatable and fun to read!

My art has often been influenced by the sea, and this remains one of my abiding inspirations.  My showcase presents this journey, from books exploring the concept of time and tides, to images showing my exploration of the sea in various media, to my final MA project.  I have selected images that showcase screen printing, painting, drawing, collage and photography to demonstrate the breadth of my art practice.

My final MA project is a picturebook for children exploring the themes of loneliness and the importance of friendship.  I have chosen to illustrate the story using a limited colour palette of watercolour to complement the simple and gentle message of the story which is entitled The Wish Stone.  It is set at the seaside to introduce the idea of tides and constant replenishment and renewal.  Most importantly, the beach is associated with stones and rocks where my story telling device of a wish stone would be found.

I am interested in items associated with folklore.  The wish stone, more commonly called a hag stone, is associated with magic.  However, in this story, it is merely a device to bring about change from within, by wishful thinking and self-belief.  My objective is for children to enjoy the illustrations and the story, while also understanding the message and making a connection to their own feelings and the feelings of others.

Katie Clarke | Illustration 7
Front cover for The Wish Stone
Katie Clarke | Illustration 1
The Wish Stone picturebook
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Katie Clarke | Illustration 6
Fossil Hunting
Katie Clarke | Illustration 5
Hag Stones
Katie Clarke | Illustration 4
The Wish Stone Family
Katie Clarke | Illustration 3
Three Ships
Katie Clarke | Illustration 2
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