Kaviyan Arivanandan

BA (Hons) Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 1)


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Following Spain’s transition into democracy,  the ideas of  the censorship and the limitation of artistic expression is still a key issue within Spain.  Valencia, one of the most artistic places is engulfed in street art and expression but suffers in huge amounts of political corruption.  This building is a new type of governmental building, which  becomes another legislative for the local government of Valencia. Taking inspiration of ‘Direct Democracy’, this building encourages the rehabilitation of its issues from the impacts faced from political corruption.   Giving the citzens the opportunity to be apart of the decisions through a collective committee which members are selected through a monthly ‘jury’ like selection process. Eventually giving the liberation of expression to its citizens through the liberation of spaces as a way to reflect, reform and better the democracy of Spain.  The building made up of multifunctional spaces with a  framework that allows the adaptability of spaces through a series of temporary dividers such as curtains and platforms to seperate and alter the layout of the building. Inspired by Cedric Price’s ‘Fun Palace’, The building becomes the centre of expression allowing the citzens to use the buiding as they wish. The programme is centred around the debate chamber on the outer elevation to draw people in to listen into the debates occuring whilst inside the building, it becomes the full with transformative activities such as performances, cafe, art hosted by the citizens of Valencia.

//Giving power back to the citizens

Kaviyan Arivanandan | Architecture 3
1.50 section of 'Las expresiones'
Kaviyan Arivanandan | Architecture 4
The Final Collection - A layout of key work of 'Las Expresiones'
Kaviyan Arivanandan | Architecture 2
Exterior View of Las Expressions
Kaviyan Arivanandan | Architecture 1
Interior View of Las Expressions
Kaviyan Arivanandan | Architecture
1.200 section of 'Las Expresiones'
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