King David Aduloju

MA Graphic Design


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This project is a conceptual project that centers around redesigning intra-nasal filters to alleviate the challenges posed by dust allergies, a condition that affects millions globally. Inspired by a personal connection to the issue, the project aims to improve both the effectiveness and social acceptance of allergy management solutions.

Driven by the desire to create a more comfortable and inclusive experience, the project investigates innovative design possibilities. By focusing on the pain point of discomfort faced by individuals who rely on traditional solutions, the goal is to craft a unique blend of health-consciousness and style.

I embarked on the pursuit of a design that empowers individuals to express their unique style. Enter the concept of stylish nose rings – a bold and fashion-forward statement that redefines allergy management.

As the sole designer, I meticulously crafted a range of innovative and chic designs, considering colorful options to cater to younger users, including kids. The project aims to create a more inclusive and accepting society, where health-consciousness and self-expression harmoniously intertwine.


King David Aduloju | Graphic Design 5
REIMAGINING INTRA NASAL FILTERS (Bridging allergy relief with fashion)
King David Aduloju | Graphic Design 6
Augmented Reality Experience
King David Aduloju | Graphic Design 4
Pages from the publication ( Preliminary sketches )
King David Aduloju | Graphic Design 3
Pages from the publication ( A redefined design )
King David Aduloju | Graphic Design 2
Technical sheet
King David Aduloju | Graphic Design 1
Augmented reality Experience
King David Aduloju | Graphic Design
Re-imagined Nasal filter featuring the gold nose ring attachment at the bottom of the filter
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