Kittly Tsoi




I am doing design for the brand  ZIMMERMANN, 2023/24 collection showcases the beauty of the Journey of Silk Road, from the east to the west, human exploration of the unknown, various precious historical and cultural treasures and art. Including the unconventional fairies and goblins on Dunhuang murals, the determination and confidence of camels in Tang Sancai porcelain, the fine craftsmanship of silk weaving and so on. Picking up collectibles, fruits and goods, using these as ingredients to influence the design of the Zimmerman collection. Building the dresses from these found items and layering up the outfits. Also shown how the adventurous spirit and beauty of women who constantly break through themselves.

Kittly Tsoi | Fashion 5
Kittly Tsoi | Fashion 4
Kittly Tsoi | Fashion 3
Kittly Tsoi | Fashion 2
Kittly Tsoi | Fashion 1
Kittly Tsoi | Fashion
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