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I have created a 1:12 scale set model of the interior of an Irish cottage that is based on the play The Beauty Queen of Leenane by Martin McDonagh. The main materials I used were MDF and balsa wood, with other features being made by 3D printing materials and sculpting in clay. The cottage is filled with furniture to make it appear more realistic for a homely setting but I decided to weather the design so that the interior became a physical representation of the characters’ inner turmoil. It appears grimy and neglected, furthering the projection of their strained family relationship. I supported the model with overall pictures and also six storyboards that played out part of a scene. Each frame consisted of a vivid colour which heightened the mood, e.g. red conveyed anger and blue conveyed a sombre tone.

Lauren Samwell | Film 5
An overview of the set design
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Lauren Samwell | Film 4
Maureen grows angrier due to Mag's lack of focus
Lauren Samwell | Film 3
Maureen cannot contain her anger and pours hot oil over Mag's already shrivelled hand.
Lauren Samwell | Film 2
The lounge area
Lauren Samwell | Film 1
High-angled shot of the kitchen area
Lauren Samwell | Film
The kitchen area
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