Louise Baker

Graphic Design


For this book, I wanted to express my love for trains and train travel. I wanted to tell people how I view train travel through a journey which I took and why they should also travel by train more often too. It’s the small details that really make it enjoyable. Through experimentation with riso printing and development on Illustrator and InDesign, I developed the book with a journey in mind, using an orange line to demonstrate the journey. I decided to go for a familiar style which everyone knows well.

Despite the negative sides of high cost or train strikes, I still want to reflect on the positive sides of train travel and some of the fun experiences I have had from station to station. Each double page showing every station I stopped at along the journey. And based on the title, it was 8 stops! I decided to take pictures with my phone to give it a more touristy feel or to show the movement of the train itself as I travelled along.

Louise Baker | Graphic Design 5
Front cover for 8 stops. Rainham to Ramsgate
Louise Baker | Graphic Design 4
Back and front cover of the book
Louise Baker | Graphic Design 3
Map of the Chatham Mainline, showing the journey I went on.
Louise Baker | Graphic Design 2
Page showcasing the trains that run on the line and some information about them.
Louise Baker | Graphic Design 1
The journey itself, this shows the pages for Sittingbourne and Faversham
Louise Baker | Graphic Design
The front cover.
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