Mahnoor Shaban

MA Fine Art - Canterbury



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Website :

Instagram : roonham_shaban

I intertwine Arabic and English alphabets, using the deconstruction technique to reconstruct two languages into an abstract form, I have given birth to a new abstract language. Through mixed media like oil paint, acrylics, thread, and voice work, I bring my imagination to life. My work is like an abomination in the best way, sparking curiosity. My installations feature double-sided paintings that invite people to explore and fully immerse themselves in the experience.

Mahnoor Shaban | Fine Art 2
Linguistic Fusion
Mahnoor Shaban | Fine Art 5
Dripping Letters
Mahnoor Shaban | Fine Art 4
Construction, Deconstruction and Reconstruction
Mahnoor Shaban | Fine Art 3
Dripping in grey
Mahnoor Shaban | Fine Art 1
Dripping in symphony
Mahnoor Shaban | Fine Art
Blue Rhapsody of Abstract Language
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