Maksymilian Molsa

Master of Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 2)


The intent of my project is to create an institution for the woodworking profession, which would be built on top of the railway infrastructure in Camden. The project addresses current issues in the UK such as, the need for more housing, the lack of skilled workers in the construction industry and ageing workforce. 

One of the driving factors of the project is the potential of utilising the train transport. By integrating the train transport (which is connected to the West Coast main line), timber is delivered to the institution from UK forestry. Also, building elements can be distributed. The institution allows the students to be exposed to the whole timber construction process: Identifying tree species, cutting logs to required timber cuts, drying the timber, and making timber structures (furniture, pavilions, buildings elements and houses).  

Overall purpose for this project, is to: 

  • Explore the idea of ‘learning through making’.
  • Produce employment opportunities: provide an alternative job route for young adults, that may not have an opportunity to go on a university route. 
  • Encourage and generate interest about timber construction amongst young people, because of the ageing workforce and diminishing number of skilled young workers. 
  • Provide housing for the students studying in the institution. 
  • Create a local-based construction of houses and furniture. 
  • Provide and improve skill sets in timber construction industry. 
Maksymilian Molsa | Architecture
The Institute of Woodworking
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