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The Once-Trust is a grad film filmed in Ferbuary 2023. It is intended as a proof of concept to attract a company or individual to take the production on to create a series.

Synopsis: Agents from the organisation The Once-Trust, John and Abigail, investigate a Necrophagia epedemic in a small town. Strained in their relationship as colleagues and friends, they attempt to understand the disease but all is not as it seems.

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Matthew Hendry | Film 1
Once-Trust Title Card
Matthew Hendry | Film
Written/Directed by Matthew Hendry and Produced by Akash MaCrae
Matthew Hendry | Film 6
The Mysterious fax machine. Somehow this sends messages through time
Matthew Hendry | Film 5
James Lucas, the creator of Once-Trust organisation
Matthew Hendry | Film 4
The File
Matthew Hendry | Film 3
Still from The Once-Trust
Matthew Hendry | Film 2
Still featuring 1997 BMW
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