Mitanshee Srivastava

MA Graphic Design


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A passionate designer driven by cultural exploration and in-depth research. Step into a world where stories come alive through interactive posters in ‘As Told by the Bastar Mayna,’ delving into the rich tapestry of Indian tribal folklore. Discover the intersection of art and science in ‘The Tattoo Tradition,’ a zine that uncovers the intriguing ties between tribal tattoos and medical science. Journey through time with ‘Alankar,’ a bilingual book celebrating Victorian-era jewelry-making as an art form. Experience self-discovery and acceptance in ‘Spitting Out Miracles,’ a captivating animation exploring identity against the backdrop of drag culture. Dive into the realm of creative data design with my project on India’s floating lamps, blending culture and information. As a designer, I thrive on research, cultural immersion, and crafting meaningful narratives that transcend borders.”

Mitanshee Srivastava | Graphic Design 14
As told by the Bastar Mayna Vol. 01
Mitanshee Srivastava | Graphic Design 16
"Spitting Out Miracles," is a short animation unveiling a poignant tale of self-discovery. This narrative delves into the intricate world of drag culture, meticulously researched and enriched with insights. Inspired by the seven stages of reconstruction – from discovery to acceptance – the journey portrays the universal struggle to uncover authentic identity. Immerse yourself in a vivid exploration of growth, adorned with vibrant hues and a narrative that resonates with the human spirit's unwavering resolve to embrace one's true self.
Mitanshee Srivastava | Graphic Design 15
As told by the Bastar Mayna is a captivating series of traditional folklore unveiling the indigenous beliefs and practices of central India's native groups. The enchanting word-of-mouth stories, cherishes remnants of human culture pre-dating civilizations. This precious endeavor preserves endangered heritage, safeguarding timeless traditions at the brink of cultural extinction.
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Mitanshee Srivastava | Graphic Design 13
(As told by the Bastar Mayna) The folklore posters unveiling the visuals when reacting to light.
Mitanshee Srivastava | Graphic Design 12
The Spiritual Beliefs of the Floating Lamps : This is a 24-hour information design outcome that unveils the captivating data of floating lamp intensity and numbers observed from a fixed point for 24 hours over 24 days. Unraveling the profound relationship between auspicious days, designated spiritual hours, and Hindu beliefs. The outcome is a depiction of the rhythmic rise and fall of sacred lamps, a mesmerizing reflection of timeless traditions and spirituality.
Mitanshee Srivastava | Graphic Design 11
(The Spiritual Beliefs of the Floating Lamps) Creative outcome for each of the 24 days
Mitanshee Srivastava | Graphic Design 10
Alankar (Bilinguel Book Design) : A bilingual book design introducing the journey of art and design through the evolution of jewelry making practices, fusing tradition with innovation. Unveiling the significance of jewelry in European royal portraiture, the book celebrates its transformation into a regal symbol. From a design perspective the book showcases experimental layouts and vibrant hues, infusing a modern and abstract flair to this remarkable timeless beauty and cultural legacy.
Mitanshee Srivastava | Graphic Design 9
The Tattoo Tradition (zine) : This zine intricately weaves a narrative that uncovers the deep-rooted ties between India's tribal tattoos and medical science.
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