Morgan Allen

BA (Hons) Animation


Within a warren of rabbits, a snail named Slem opens up to his therapist about his lonely differences and a starry calling from the outside.

Snail Mail is my final film for UCA’s animation course and is directly inspired by my experiences as an autistic person. My film explores the effects of societal ableism by showing it as a lone snail trying to have the same abilities as one thousand busy rabbits, despite his joys of painting and the outside stars being against the norm and only enjoyed in private.

Autism in media is commonly discussed as an individualist issue, suggesting that it’s the person’s fault for struggling and that they’re the one who should change. My film, however, questions the collectivist side.

Is autism (and similar neurodiversities) only considered “disabled” because of the constructed societies we live in?

Morgan Allen | Animation 1
Morgan Allen | Animation
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