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MI5 has received a cause for concern within the Canterbury
area regarding its nightlife. Numerous reports in conjunction to
the safety of the city and its citizens has led the secret intelligence service to investigate and respond to the matter…

Project Salus, a top secret operation designed by the government to help the safety and security of the people inhabiting
the crime ridden city. Its design works with local authorities to
help crack down on crime so that the city can be safe again.
The project has the welfare of the people at its core, by observing the city in a better way than usual.

The operation runs through a secret headquarters located
within the city disguised as a ‘newspaper shop/offices’, which
has access to all the council owned surveillance and street
lamps that operatives will monitor and control 24/7. Field spies
disguised as workers in food trucks, are placed around the city
in areas with the most reported crime, to observe people and
situations in the pursuit of safety. These spies communicate
with operatives at the headquarters and feedback whether a
situation has been resolved or needs support from the local


Drawings with black line weights are ‘ordinary public elements’ such as, the people, ‘newspaper shop and offices’.

Drawings with pink line weights show the newly proposed
headquarters. The headquarters will be accessible via a secret door from the newspaper shop.

Drawings with orange line weights indicate the secret operatives working within the building and/or in plain sight…

Nikolett Kovacsova | Interior Design 5
Project Salus Case File
Nikolett Kovacsova | Interior Design 4
Proposed Second Floor Plan - Scale 1:100 @ A3
Nikolett Kovacsova | Interior Design 3
Proposed Section B - Scale 1:100 @ A3
Nikolett Kovacsova | Interior Design 2
Proposed Section E - Scale 1:100 @ A3
Nikolett Kovacsova | Interior Design 1
Proposed Perspective of Newspaper Shop Showing Secret Entrance Door to Headquarters
Nikolett Kovacsova | Interior Design
Perspective of Inside Secret Headquarters
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