Oliver Combellack

Fine Art


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It matters not the subject of the painting, only that it is painted. I am careful to choose what it will be, however. That is, it must be something seen, and captured in the moment. From still life to landscape, it is a crossover of my own experiences, translated and expressed through paint. Though I would say that I am still coming to understand what it is that draws me to some things over others. I only know that I will discover it through the process of painting. Each of which is its own journey. From gestural brush marks, to careful dabs of paint. Colours straight from the tube and mixed on the canvas, suggesting light and tone.

As it is often said, it is not what is painted, but what is not painted. Decisions are made intuitively and instinctively about the elements of composition, starting at a focal point, something I am drawn to most, and working out from there.  Once the burst of energy that I hit the canvas with starts to fade, it is then that the painting reaches its own resolution. Up close, you see a chaotic mess of colourful brush marks, but stepping back reveals an expressive impression of a moment captured before me.

Oliver Combellack | Fine Art 5
Landscpae, oil on four panels, 44x27cm
Oliver Combellack | Fine Art 4
Landscape, oil on cavnas, 40x60cm
Oliver Combellack | Fine Art 3
Still Life, oil on canvas, 45x32cm
Oliver Combellack | Fine Art 2
Landscpae, oli on canvas, 60x40cm
Oliver Combellack | Fine Art 1
Landscape, oil on canvas, 30x22cm
Oliver Combellack | Fine Art
Landscape, oil pastel on wood panel, 28x16cm
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