Oliver Otto



Storytelling through character and worldbuilding has always been the primary appeal for me when playing video games, and this project aims to give a preview of a potential dark fantasy, open-world roleplaying game with unique character designs and compelling environments. This game’s style is a mixture of classic fantasy and Victorian gothic styles, where I have used character archetypes from the fantasy genre and adapted them to fit into a semi-steampunk world. These works were done using digital painting and drawing methods on Photoshop and Procreate, with the environment art also modelled in Maya 3D for lighting. It was important that this project was crafted with the industry pipeline in mind, meaning that I had to work closely with 3D and ensure my concepts would be useable to a 3D artist – with multiple views and callouts to detail. I wanted to create art which could inspire a larger game – a world that could be built upon – and left subtle hints to lore and story within it.

Oliver Otto | Games 5
Character and Environment Concept Art Library - Games Art
Oliver Otto | Games 4
Character Concept 1 - 'Brother'
Oliver Otto | Games 3
Character Concept 2 - 'Witch'
Oliver Otto | Games 2
Character Concept 3 - 'King'
Oliver Otto | Games 1
Environment Concept 1 - 'Scrapyard Farmhouse'
Oliver Otto | Games
Environment Concept 2 - 'Derelict Occult Observatory'
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