Oliviia Iakovtseva



I am a recent graduate videographer from the University for the Creative Arts. People know me as Liv and I like to observe and explore the world around me through the camera.

In my Showcase I will introduce you to my Showreel and Photography work where you will be able to see my recent work which I worked on during 2022-2023.  My showreel includes fiction short films and commercials.  Mainly, I put my focus in videography and storytelling as a central element. Every single project I was involved in, I approached with an open and curious mind, which made it easier to collaborate with people and encourage an open space for people to share their ideas with me.

In the second part of my Showcase I want you see my vision through my Photography work. Photography was the beginning of my journey towards my goal to become a professional videographer. My photography style is based on fashion and portrait photography. For me, fashion photography is often associated with beauty and aesthetics. I do like visually highlighting the elegance, uniqueness of fashion creations. It provides a perfect outlet for expressing an admiration for the industry.Portrait photography carries a wealth of stories, emotions and expressions through their faces.

I do describe my vision as a style of capturing emotions and moods that allows me to create videos and photos that evoke specific feelings or resonate with the audience in profound ways. I get inspired and motivated by discovering the world around me. Light and shadows, vibrant colours, nature and people are everyday scenes that are driving me to capture visually inspiring moments and share it with the whole world.

Oliviia Iakovtseva | Film 3
Oliviia Iakovtseva | Film 1
Oliviia Iakovtseva | Film
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