OluwaFemi Babalola

MA Fine Art - Farnham



Watsapp +2348184873540

Mobile 07514768889

Instagram - @femiy_artmazing_african

Twitter - @Femiyartmazing

Email - [email protected]

The “Ewa” mural project is a creative depiction of the beauty that results from the fusion of traditional and modern elements. It honors the compatibility of civilizations and inspires everyone who sees it. I want to make a strong statement about the value of cultural acceptance, inclusivity, and the transforming power of art by painting this mural on the front wall of UCA Farnham’s Film and Media Building (RG)

OluwaFemi Babalola | Fine Art 1
Ewa - work in progress- 2023
OluwaFemi Babalola | Fine Art
Ewa- 360 image
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