Punnathorn Phuwichit

MA Design Innovation & Brand Management


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Untitled Device is a platform to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of creative industries where boundless possibilities become reality. Curate a collection of imaginative future devices conceptualized and visualized by experts and practitioners in various creative fields.

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The research findings reveal that creative agencies can avoid facing a decline by embracing fundamental values such as communication, collaboration, and adaptation. While it might seem possible for agencies to survive with just one or two of these traits, the study emphasises that all three are essential for their long-lasting success. Effective communication with tools, clients, and end-users, collaborative efforts between diverse expertise, and adaptability to new environments contribute to agencies' resilience. The research highlights that expertise needs only encompass practical knowledge of some tools. However, a thorough understanding of tool limitations and possibilities can facilitate predicting and preparing future practices. By incorporating the three core values, creative agencies can effectively select the most suitable tools to communicate their objectives to the target audience. This approach was applied in developing the interactive website, which generated possibilities conducive to successful adaptation. The collaboration between experts from different perspectives and effective communication between experts and tools played pivotal roles in this process. The concept of "Untitled Devices" serves as a constant reminder to experts that they remain the masters of the tools, shaping their usage and future trends. This emphasises that creative agencies hold the power to determine how these tools influence their work rather than the other way around. By upholding the core values and utilising tools wisely, creative agencies can secure a thriving future and continue impacting the industry's dynamic landscape.
Punnathorn Phuwichit | Business & Management
full dissertations can be view here https://fliphtml5.com/dmzei/fiwj/
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