Radhika Shah

MA Interior Design


An Escape Environment

The space is called as ‘Sukoon’. It is a Hindi/Urdu (Indian languages) word which means ‘tranquil’ in english.

The plan intends to provide a tranquil area in the city where individuals can learn, explore, experience, unwind, relieve stress and slow down the pace of life.

Have created 5 Semi-Interior space units in a part of the garden space (Site – Dane John Gardens). Each unit activates a human sense and engages you in an activity and an experience.

These Units area:
1. Geodome – Smell
2. Sound Spectrum – Sound
3. Amphitheater – Vision/Sound
5. Open Cafe – Taste
6. Children’s play area – Touch

The space is created in a way that helps in escapism from the hustle-bustle life.

Radhika Shah | Interior Design
A top view and a look of 3d rendered model merged with a physical model at 1:200 scale
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