Rene Thompson



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My collection represents me as a person from the classy silhouettes to the concept.

Each garment represents each character in my story from the police officer, the judge, Lady justice and the survivor/prisoner they all are trapped whether that’s to law, their own body or the injustice that comes with situations like these I want to shine light on both sides because its not always highlighted due to controversy and the idea that one side is quieting the voice of the other but I use this collection to give both sides a voice.

the silhouettes were inspired by both the concept and sleeping beauty, In therapy were taught to find something that makes us feel at peace even if it’s for a little while mine is fairy tales I specifically used sleeping beauty because the origin of that story by the Grimm brothers was the act of SA in the women’s sleep and was watered down into a child story.

this collection speaks to the quiet and allows me to heal in my own way using my passion this collection is my voice.

Rene Thompson | Fashion 6
Graduate Final collection Two sides of the scale
Rene Thompson | Fashion 5
Two sides of the scale
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Rene Thompson | Fashion 4
Final Graduate Collection look 1
Rene Thompson | Fashion 3
Final Graduate Collection look 2
Rene Thompson | Fashion 2
Final Graduate Collection look 3
Rene Thompson | Fashion 1
Final Graduate Collection look 4
Rene Thompson | Fashion
Final Graduate Collection
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