Roos Peeters



Instagram: @Roospeeters_glass

Email: [email protected]


Based in: UK

Roos Peeters’ glass work has often been developed through conceptual approaches and thematic research, with a focus in glass blowing, Peeters has allowed a wide variety of mixed mediums and processes to inform where these conceptual thoughts fall into place. Peeters’ work often embodies organic themes, naturalistic imagery and concepts of interactive environments. Prior to embarking on her final body of work ‘Arcady’; exploring internal interactive spaces, Peeters researched themes of sharp imagery and mixed media/incompatibility, looking at the physicality of her chosen materials and how they interact with the organic movements of blown glass to form contrasting yet cohesive imagery. This research has been crucial to allowing Peeters to develop her final pieces, which investigates biomimicry and the use of internal worlds/spaces whilst representing fragility, ideas of heterotopias, incompatibility, unpredictability, and interactiveness amongst viewers and the pieces to assimilate each aspect.


Roos Peeters | Crafts 5
'Pebble II', Arcady Series, Blown glass, 16 x 22 x 23, 2023
Roos Peeters | Crafts 4
'Pebble I', Arcady Series, blown glass, 2023
Roos Peeters | Crafts 3
'Roots of Destruction' Series, part of Arcady Series, Ceramic and Blown Glass, 2023
Roos Peeters | Crafts 2
'Roots of Destruction' Series, part of Arcady Series, Glazed Ceramic and Blown Glass, 2023
Roos Peeters | Crafts 1
'Pebble V & Pebble VII', Arcady Series, blown glass,2023
Roos Peeters | Crafts
'Roots' Series, part of Arcady Series, Cast Glass and Blown Glass, 2023
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