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As food, fuel and house prices soar to record levels, ‘Living in Crisis’ captures the unique zeitgeist of the Medway area during the cost of living crisis. This intimate documentary shines a light on the food bank heroes as they work to feed their community.

The idea behind this documentary came from the tumult of news I was seeing about the increased cost of living. Growing up in Medway, I’ve been aware of how it’s a poverty-stricken area. This led me to wonder what means are in place to help those who were already struggling before the crisis. After some research, it became apparent that Medway had many food banks, warm spaces and groups to help those in need, but 90% of them were organised by local volunteers or charities. It seemed odd that at a time when food costs were at their highest in 45 years, the government wasn’t running many schemes to help places like Medway. This prompted the political tone of the film.

Exploring the work that the Trussell Trust conduct at Medway Foodbank was inspiring. The sense of community was almost tangible the moment you stepped through the doors. This community feel was a key aspect I desired to portray within my film. It’s vital to show that although times may be hard, there’s a wide community of kind individuals who want to help. 

It’s important to note that, although this story revolves around Medway, the same could be told in a multitude of other towns across the UK. We are in unprecedented times. If you are able to, please think about donating some items to your local food bank when you next visit a supermarket or visit to donate there.

As I pave my way into the media industry, I strive to create meaningful content that prompts conversations about important social issues. I’m currently making a short film about the UK environment which will be finished in Summer 2023. You can find this, and more examples of my work, at or @rubysachapman on Instagram; feel free to contact me! I appreciate all the support I’ve received so far and I hope my work can have a positive effect on the lives of others.

Ruby Chapman | TV
Ruby Chapman | TV 1
'Living in Crisis'- 2023.
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