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Hello! I’m Sara Falivene; I just graduated from Fashion Business & Management, and this is my final degree project, a business proposal to investigate the market potential of NiuMi.

NiuMi is a new fashion label of accessories designed through an upcycling manufacturing strategy. The goods are made of wasted down jackets and puffed items, reutilised to create contemporary products to satisfy consumers’ daily needs and behaviours. NiuMi aspires to enhance the power of “Complete Goods” in people’s purchase decision-making, demonstrating that an upcycling approach can satisfy both needs and ethical behaviours.

The concept consists of limited edition collaboration with established brands providing NiuMi with fabrics that specialised professionals in upcycling design will redesign to create new products. Accordingly, NiuMi believes that a collaborative mindset can be more impactful and efficient in implementing sustainable actions and getting concrete results.

The range consists of everyday work essential as backpacks, computer cases or tote bags, with a minimalistic and classical design suitable for any gender and different range of ages. Moreover, the brand aims to design items to increase a sensorial feeling by touching the fabric. Therefore, the collections will predominate padded elements recycled, recreating a sensation of softness to the touch, manifesting a sense of pleasure and serenity.

A deep investigation of the circular design and, consequently, the fashion market was made before developing the work because of a strong interest of mine in sustainable design techniques and in consumer behaviour.

Moreover, considering the high demand for fashion garments on the market, followed by different factors such as the intense world economic crisis, consumerism mindset, social media influence and many others, I worked on understanding what could have helped the industry sustain its ethical growth.

After investigating and developing the work, I believe NiuMi has this potential.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further clarifications!

I am interested in working in buying and wholesale as a future career area.

Thanks for your time.

Sara Falivene | Business & Management
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