Sarah E. Jones

Fine Art


Sarah E. Jones – ‘The Spirit Room’

Sarah E. Jones works in acrylic, mixed media and multi-media. For this installation, ‘The Spirit Room’ the elements consist of assemblage, digital video projection, acrylic paintings and sculpture. This body of work centres around whether our perception can expand beyond the tangible, physical world and what might exist other than this, contemplating mortality and the transmutation of energy.

The artists states, “Anyone can replicate the seen, but few can translate other worlds and realms, or abstract from reality to create mystical worlds. My practice seeks to integrate the physical and spiritual worlds and explore the possibilities and how I perceive and process this as an artist.”

There is a circularity to the work that invites the viewer to see all things as connected, whether physical waves, energy waves or physical objects such as stones or crystals. Three-dimensional work extends the narrative to hint at the associations between tangibility and intangibility.

Following in the footsteps of noted abstract, spiritually inspired artists such as Georgiana Houghton, Hilma af Klint and Wassily Kandinsky this work invites the viewer to momentarily enter a contemplative space to be immersed in the work in a multi-sensory experience.  he viewer can also interact with the work by offering their own response and the artist is keen to receive these interactions.

Sarah has a keen interest in the spiritual, being an intuitive herself and has exhibited her work in London and the home counties. She divides her time between her art practice and her teaching practice, teaching Art for Skill and Art for Wellbeing classes and workshops. She specialises in teaching adults, and her courses and workshops offer a unique blend of art, nature, mindfulness, neuroscience, and writing/journaling.

Her additional studies in Cognitive Psychology, NLP, Mindfulness, Stress Management and Meditation help her to create engaging bespoke classes and workshops for adults.

Sarah E. Jones | Fine Art 6
Sarah E. Jones The Spirit Room (showcase cover image))
Sarah E. Jones | Fine Art
Timelapse Video of Painting
Sarah E. Jones | Fine Art 5
Spirit Room - Hand Sculpture
Sarah E. Jones | Fine Art 4
Spirit Room - Triptych
Sarah E. Jones | Fine Art 3
Spirit I Assemblage
Sarah E. Jones | Fine Art 2
Spirit II Assemblage
Sarah E. Jones | Fine Art 1
Video Still - 'The Spirit Room'
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