Sophie Marlow

Fine Art


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Instagram: sophs_bad_art


My practice shown, is a collection of fabric based and ceramic based pieces. The fabric is created with the technique of eco-printing. I used mainly: maple leaves, Japanese maple leaves, grape hyacinths, onion skins and a variety of other natural resources. These pieces are hung and draped for people to touch and walk around to see all the beauty natural dyes can produce.

With my ceramic pieces, I took time to develop a technique that allows the clay and glazes to mimic the strange and beautiful form of Rocks and landscapes found in Anglesey Wales. Most particularly Parys Mountain and copper mines in Amlwch, Anglesey, Wales.

all the prices are to show the Juxtaposition found in the harsh yet delicate aspects of nature and how they can be portrait in traditional crafts.

Sophie Marlow | Fine Art 6
‘ Spring Full Colour Dye’ And ‘colour through the seasons’
Sophie Marlow | Fine Art 5
‘ Spring Full Colour Dye’ - ‘colours through the seasons’ - ‘rock teapot’ - ‘rock teacup’- ‘cracked metal vase’
Sophie Marlow | Fine Art 4
‘Cracked metal vase’
Sophie Marlow | Fine Art 3
‘Rock teapot’
Sophie Marlow | Fine Art 2
‘Boulders (1,2,3)’
Sophie Marlow | Fine Art 1
‘Rock teacup’ ‘rock teapot’
Sophie Marlow | Fine Art
‘Colour through the seasons’
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