Tiantian Qiu



My email: [email protected]

My website link: https://qiutiantianuk.wixsite.com/my-site

My instagram: @qiutiantian_tt

Tiantian Qiu’s practice follows a surrealist tradition, making use of mixed media including sculpture, photography, and video. Her work often addresses an interior world, with projects responding to loneliness, and to death.
Dream explores the correlation between the mental stress of real life and the dream world, hoping to achieve artistic healing through photography. As Qiu’s life situation changes, so does her conception of dreams, which is why the work was split into two parts. The first part is moving images, in which she records her dream stories in the form of videos. The cross-media creation of sculpture and photography gives the works a more surrealist absurdity and dreaminess. The second part is still images, discussing the effect of dreams on herself through the search for contradictions and balance between things. Her practice is more of an examination and exploration of the self.
Tiantian Qiu | Photography 6
Tiantian Qiu | Photography
Tiantian Qiu | Photography 5
Tiantian Qiu | Photography 4
Tiantian Qiu | Photography 3
Tiantian Qiu | Photography 2
Tiantian Qiu | Photography 1
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