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We all want to be participants in the generation we all are in, There’s a lot of beautiful ideas but if you can’t get them executed the way that you want to it’s not going to work and getting them executed with all of the people it takes to get that done, that’s a very delicate fragile thing, it’s a very fragile formula and some time it just doesn’t gel. My motivation is to take risk I mean the riskier the better, that’s what fun about it, to move forward you have to be bold and you have to take risks and you have to take leaps and there has to be an element of risk, that’s what I am looking for that’s what I am want to see when I am looking at creative expression of my work. Fashion is about glamour, it’s about altering the appearance of our personality and body so I want to be delighted and delight encompass beauty and challenge and a little bit of shock, that’s what I am looking for so that’s what I want to provide with my work. Being flflamboyant with personality and appearance is telling a narrative of ourselves. So to be able to control your own narrative, I mean everybody wants that, everybody wants to be able to be remembered the way they wanted to be remembered, so that’s a blessing.

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Vipul R | Photography
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