Vishwa Shah

MA Fashion Design


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The brand name is “KALARATNA”. This brand shares a concept of twinning garments for the grandparents and grandkids, the feeling of warmth, security and love. The identity of this brand is to recreate the bond between the two age groups. The name of the collection is “A day in a park” where the grandmother and grand-daughter are wearing a twinning outfit and cherishing the best memories of their life. In today’s busy lifestyle kids have no time to spend with their grandparents. Everybody is busy becoming a scholar, doctor, engineer etc. Kalaratna is not just a brand, it is an emotion, a feeling of love which they both share. Inspired from my grandparents, I always wanted to start my own brand with their name. Grandfather- Ratilal and Grandmother- Kalavati. The first four letters of grandmother’s name “KALA” and the first three letters of grandfather’s name “RAT” becomes “KALARATNA.” The meaning of “KALARATNA” means “KALA” means Art and “RATNA” means Jewel. So, it means an art which is as precious as jewel.

Vishwa Shah | Fashion
A day in a park
Vishwa Shah | Fashion
A day in a park
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