Wanting Qi



1 object and 2 illustrations showing what it’s like to be anxious.


Wanting Qi | Illustration 5
Wanting Qi | Illustration 4
I used the manifestations of my anxiety in my room as a reference and created a space with a distorted sense of proportion. The trash on the floor and the box waiting to be returned became enormous, while myself and my bed were squeezed in between. On those items that needed to be discarded or returned, traces of my life emerged, such as the sink and plants. These things that should have been removed from my living space gradually became immovable due to my procrastination and anxiety.
Wanting Qi | Illustration 3
My fingers are often injured. When I'm anxious, I unconsciously pick at the rough edges on my hands. So, I want to use an illustration of a knife shaving a finger to depict this behavior.
Wanting Qi | Illustration 2
I used iron wires to string up bells to represent the tense nerves during moments of anxiety. Even a slight touch would produce a delicate sound.
Wanting Qi | Illustration 1
Wanting Qi | Illustration
So, at that moment, I had the sudden urge to draw the toilet paper in front of me. I used the burning toilet paper to depict certain events that cause me anxiety. I portrayed myself sitting on the burning toilet paper in an uncomfortable position, even though there was a water bottle nearby that I could have used to put out the fire.
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