Wuheng Song



I wanted to document the beautiful things about London, the architecture, the
gardens, the Tower of London, the knights, the parks together, the fantasy, the
classic and modern feeling, and try to use this image to create a futuristic costume and pattern and create my unique futuristic style.
I love the feeling that big cities give me; I grew up in a big city like this, and when
the history of a town is imprinted on the buildings, no matter what kind of weather
they experience, such as wind, rain and snow, that kind of change over the years
leaves its mark on them, history makes the future; the future is based on the
And the environment around the buildings keeps on changing. I wanted to
record this feeling and thus create a menswear collection that combines history
and the future, recording history and looking to the end.

two outfit with catwalk show
WUHENG SONG | Fashion 1
London fantasy
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WUHENG SONG | Fashion 6
outfit one with the hood on
WUHENG SONG | Fashion 5
outfit one with big collar
WUHENG SONG | Fashion 4
outfit one back
WUHENG SONG | Fashion 3
outfit two
WUHENG SONG | Fashion 2
outfit two
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