Yichen Zhang

Graphic Design


With the development of the city, we are living in what the famous philosopher Guy Debord called “the society of the spectacle” of the city, where everything that people see is arranged by the city planner. Therefore, in order to awaken people’s real cognition of cities, break people’s stereotype of cities, and make people think about the healthy relationship between cities and people, I will practice the relevant theories of Guy Debord and Kevin Lynch, and combine my professional knowledge to create a series of works in my Final Major Project . What I exhibit online this time is a physical work in my series of creations in my Final Major Project: a series of collage style posters combined with map elements after understanding and practicing the relevant theories of Guy Debord and Kevin Lynch. For me, collage means deconstructing and breaking the stereotype, calling on people to look at the relationship between people and cities from a new view and the true feeling.

Yichen Zhang | Graphic Design 4
A work of a series of posters in my Final Major Project
Yichen Zhang | Graphic Design 3
Mental state of city people: Exhaustion
Yichen Zhang | Graphic Design 2
City Green space decreased: Nature
Yichen Zhang | Graphic Design 1
Advertising abuse in city: Consumerism
Yichen Zhang | Graphic Design
The light pollution: Turn Off The Light
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